Is Your Illness Due To Bad Genes, Bad Luck, Or A Bad Attitude?

I’m here to tell you that illness is not based on bad luck, genes or destiny. It is the result of our lack of education, lack of motivation, and our complacency, laziness, cowardliness or ignorance in the field of health and life. It is the result of our mental, emotional and physical action.

If you can at least say: ” Maybe that could be true” then you can open your eyes and soon be on the path to good health. But if you believe your doctor, a magic pill or someone else can cure you from the symptoms of your own behavior you can stop reading here.

If you are willing to take charge of your own life, health and happiness, and are willing to do whatever it takes, then you just made the first step into a new life, a new world of health and happiness and success!

I won’t let you complain and whine or wallow in self pity because no matter how much pain you have or how bad your symptoms are – I have probably been there too and I learned that if you don’t help yourself there is no help. Please, stop complaining or blaming others for your circumstances – just take charge and act! Think of the freedom that comes with taking responsibility for your life and health!

By reading this blog you have the chance to stop hiding from the truth and stop letting your fears, the past and self pity keep you from acting. This is the day you can decide to stop letting others make the decisions for you and say: YES, THIS IS MY LIFE AND I AM TAKING CHARGE OF IT!

I learned in over 30 years of successfully working with mainly terminally ill patients that were given up on by the medical profession, often with the prognosis of having only month to live, that there is always hope. There is always a way as long as you don’t give up.

The solution is: you need to do whatever it takes, you need to stand up one more time when life throws you down and you need to use your common sense and listen to your instincts.

I want to give you hope, strength, self confidence and the belief in yourself and your own unlimited self healing powers. I know how to do it! But remember, you are the only one that can use the information of true health, using your common sense and instinct to create the health you deserve.

Remember, *FACTS prove that the medical doctor is the number one cause of death in America and more people are dying unnecessarily in hospitals, false diagnoses, wrong treatments or as the result of drugs and the side effects of treatments every day.

(* of course I am not talking about emergency or reconstructive medicine. When I talk about illness and medical procedures in this blog I do not want you to wait to see a specialist if you have any medical emergency. I am talking about illness and disease created over time. )

In love and friendship,

Dr. Coldwell (You can purchase my book here.) (Contact me here and I WILL answer your questions!)

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