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Statistically you or someone in your family will get cancer! 56% of all Americans have or will get Cancer!

Finally the truth is out! Cancer can be cured fast and all natural!

Within just 8 weeks over 800,000 people listened to Dr Leonard Coldwell’s radio appearances about the Only Answer to Cancer and Stress the Silent killer and here are the new dates for this month for Dr Coldwell’s Radio appearances: (While Dr Coldwell’s new book : INSTINCTBASEDMEDICINE is breaking all sales records! See

You can listen to Dr Leonard Coldwell – the leading expert for cancer and stress related illness – life this month:

Live: On Wednesday April 15, 2009 at 11am eastern time on your computer : Dr Coldwell on Health Freedom and Codex with Dr Rima Laibow on

( You can also listen to the first part of this world changing, life saving radio show from last Wednesday – using the same link )


Live: On Monday April 19, 2009at 1pm eastern time: life on your computer: THE DR LEONARD COLDWELL REPORT. Dr Coldwell’s Guest is the greatest Health Freedom ( Codex ) Fighter in the world Dr Rima Laibow.

Live: On Monday April 26, 2009 THE DR COLDWELL REPORT with Will Green the man with the million dollar hands. Founder and President of the largest Massage Therapist Association in America IMA. Best selling author, entrepreneur and natural health Expert: ON THE IMPORTANCE OF OXYGEN and other important health issues. This interview can change your life and maybe even save it! Grandpa Green is one of Dr Coldwell’s closest friends.

On Thursday April 30th , 2009 at 9pm eastern time Dr Coldwell is guest of David Ewing on the politically not so correct radio show:

1. Listen to achieved shows anytime! Send your loved ones, friends, colleagues and neighbors – it could save their life’s:

2. The only answer to Cancer Dr Coldwell’s groundbreaking interview with Kelly Wallace about the Healing Power of your own body and mind to cure cancer. This the Dr Coldwell’s most listened to radio show ever!

3. Stress the Silent Killer! Listen to Dr Coldwell the leading expert for cancer and stress related illness about his most favorite topic: Stress the root cause of all illness. on

4. Kevin Trudeau interview with Dr Leonard Coldwell: The healing power of full body cleanses and true Cancer cures. Listen any time ( the show is achieved on March 11th 2009

For more information about Dr Leonard Coldwell go to or and for CDs created by Dr Coldwell go to

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Upcoming shows

Hear Dr. Leonard Coldwell interviewed live on Wednesday evening, April 22nd at 9 PM ET “Your Health, Your Choice” (YHYC) by host Fred Van Liew for a politically incorrect no question avoided hour of truth in health care.

Hear Dr. Coldwell interviewed live Wednesday morning, April 22nd and Thursday morning, April 23rd at 10 AM ET on for less controversial conversation on why Dr. Coldwell has been so effective with his efforts to reverse the ravages of our modern health care system.

For over twenty years Fred Van Liew has been called the “Water Doctor” by health providers and their patients around the world. His understanding of many forms of natural health support and care allows him to offer straight answers and practical solutions to water and air purification, as well as the revitalization of our water and our foods. He is an authority on cell phone and environment chaos protection for the home and the body. He has spent over two decades on radio, TV and live lectures educating doctors and their patients on natural, herbal and practical solutions to most health issues. This provides Fred with a unique ability to interview guests on his “Your Health, Your Choice” radio broadcasts for Truth rather than ratings. Find out more at and

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