Questions and Answers About Colloidal Silver

Some people may have questions before using Ionic Silver Hydrosol (ISH) which is an advanced and superior form of Colloidal Silver. The following is a list of popular questions and answers which will give you more of an insight into this wonderful and almost magical natural medicine. You’ll see why Big Pharma, Big Business, the FDA and the EPA want to take it away from you!

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver

Q. How do I take ISH?

A. It can be taken internally and externally. There is no place on the body you can’t use it. ISH comes with a detailed dosage/usage guide.

Q. How safe is ISH?

A. Completely safe! In fact, it’s safer than the water you’re drinking. Safe enough to put in babies eyes. Yes, many doctors put a silver solution into the eyes of newborns to prevent eye infections due to sexually transmitted diseases that may be obtained via the birth canal!

Q. What can ISH do for me and my family?

A. Touted to prevent and conquer a wide range of illnesses (far too many to list here) while rapidly healing stubborn infections, lessening the pain and sting from all types of burns almost instantly, and allowing for extremely rapid healing. ISH is a powerful immune support solution and cal also be used to aid in water purification. ISH can even be added to hot tubs instead of dangerous chemicals.

Q. Are all those testimonials on your website really true? Are they real clients?

A. You can bet your bottom dollar on it and we have all the originals to prove it. We even have some clients that have offered to speak to you about how ISH changed their lives. They don’t want you to have to suffer from things that are so easily prevented and would love to share more of their experiences with you. (We do not give anyone’s phone number or information out without prior consent.)

Q. Can I give ISH to my babies and children internally and spray it on their cuts, burns, bites, bruises, infections, hands, noses, diaper rash, acne, colds, flu, sore throats, eye and ear infections, etc.

A. By all means and be persistent, several times daily. They will thank you.

Q. Can I give ISH to my pets and livestock?

A. Yes, they receive all of the same benefits we do.

Q. Will ISH make me sick if I take too much?

A. No. However, if you are very ill (like that of a person toxic from a large amount of mold spore inhalation or environmental illnesses) you will need to start at a very low dosage. The reason for this is to avoid a massive kill off of the pathogens which overwhelms your body’s elimination system. If the pathogens die off too quickly you may experience some flu-like symptoms. This will not hurt you and the feelings you experience (such as headache or nausea) will pass. You can avoid this by starting with a small dose and gradually increasing the amount and frequency.

Q. Are there any side-effects?

A. No, except as noted above if very ill people start with too large of a dose.

Q. Are there any reactions or interactions with any other products?

A. No. Although in many cases it helps other products to work better so you may need less of them. It’s perfectly fine to continue taking other herbs and supplements and there are no known reactions with prescription and non-prescription drugs.

Q. I have heard of the blue man who claims he turned blue from taking colloidal silver. Can this happen from taking ISH since it’s a form of colloidal silver?

A. Absolutely not. Our ISH is professionally manufactured and the product is very pure with no additives whatsoever. The particle size is an important factor. Extremely small particle size coupled with a low part per million (ppm) makes ISH highly bio-available and systemic. This means it works on a cellular level and any excess is easily flushed out via the normal elimination systems. Build up or accumulation of particles within the body is possible with homemade silver concoctions such as the one the “blue man” was making. Even with homemade junk this is still extremely rare. I don’t know about you but if I’m going to ingest something I want a safe, highly effective, proven product manufactured by experienced professionals!

Q. Does the owner of Helping America use ISH and if so for how long?

A. Yes, Kevin has used ISH for close to 11 years now on quite a regular daily basis. Kevin has a lot of amazing stories to tell from his experiences with ISH. He carries his ISH everywhere he goes, even just downtown to the Post Office or grocery store. Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where there are so many dangerous and lethal “Super Bugs” that we must keep our immune systems strong and arm ourselves with the best defense possible!

Q. What is the difference between ISH and Colloidal Silver?

A. Unlike regular Colloidal Silvers, ISH has virtually an unlimited shelf life and can be boiled, frozen and subjected to intense light with no harm to the safety, strength or potency of the product. Many Colloidal Silvers you buy in the marketplace have impurities such as nitrates or silver salts and will even begin to grow mold after just a short time on the shelf. ISH with a ppm of 10 can be safely taken multiple times throughout the day and is within the EPA Guidelines established for silver intake.

Q. Does ISH kill the natural intestinal flora (friendly bacteria)?

A. This is unlikely since most of the ions are absorbed in the mouth prior to swallowing. If you feel you are lacking in friendly bacteria it’s more than likely caused by pharmaceutical drugs (antibiotics), a bad diet, or a severe illness. You can simply take a good probiotic to re-establish this friendly bacteria. In the past 11 years I have drank many, many gallons and have not had a problem nor have any clients.

Boost your immune system and live a healthier, more vibrant life with colloidal silver!

For the most advanced and premium form of Colloidal Silver (while it is still legal to sell) see:

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Colloidal Silver – Immune Booster, Money Saver, & Your Right To Choose!

Hello friends,

I wanted to share this important article with you from Helping America

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver/Silver Hydrosol: A Powerful Immune System Booster & Illness Conquering Solution is touted to save lives, time and money!

How? With the potential and capability of eliminating a great deal of illnesses, pain and suffering while strengthening, boosting and protecting you, your pets and even your food. Save Silver

There is no other supplement, herb or food on this planet that has the instant, fast acting power and endless capabilities that ISH has, nor has any other touted to have saved as many lives. Once you experience it you’ll never go without it again. Helping America has one of the best guarantees in the business. You’ll experience better health (when taken according to dosage/usage guidelines) or your money back, period!

This is why the FDA, Big Pharma and now the EPA would like nothing more than to ban it forever. Silver solutions are the #1 biggest threats to the entire pharmaceutical line of antibiotics! Imagine that this one simple silver solution could easily replace a multi billion-dollar industry and you can see why “they” want it taken off the market. But think about the wonderful results this product can have on all of mankind!

We must act now to save this precious gift. We only have a few more days, until March 20th, when the EPA makes a decision on whether to regulate nano silver as a pesticide. Yes, you read this right a pesticide! Well, it kills bacteria, viruses, molds, fungus and yeast, so this is how they’re justifying this ludicrous contemplation. Will they ban soap next? After all, it can also kills germ and so forth.

They say they’re concerned about the ecosystem, but this is just a cover for their real intent, which is to eventually ban it altogether due to the wide spread losses of big business chemicals and antibiotics. The silver ions become inert upon entering common drinking water as they bond with chlorine. This silver comes from the earth and some is returned, just like other minerals. Silver is a naturally occurring substance and cannot be patented so that means there is no money in it. Compare this to how they jack up prices on pharmaceuticals, sometimes as much as an 8,000% profit on some drugs!

The EPA has been succumbing to corporate pressure. We must protect ourselves and vote for our right to choose. Whether you use ISH or not, wouldn’t you want that decision to be your own?

Nano silver is, in a very real sense, intimately connected with our collective and individual health, freedom, and perhaps, survival.

Here is where to go to sign an already prepared petition at the Natural Solutions Foundation to protect your rights and ultimately our future health. The petition is already filled out, all you have to do is simply fill in your information and click send. All we ask is for a few moments of your time to help stop corrupt big businesses from taking our right to choose. A right to choose a safe, natural, simple mineral if we so desire! Support your right to choose! Sign this petition!

For the most advanced and premium form of Colloidal Silver (while it is still legal to sell) see:
Helping America“> or call toll free 877-743-5746 or write to

In love, health, and friendship,

Dr. Coldwell

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